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Lowongan Kerja PJB Service (PLN Group) Lulusan SMA/SMK

PT. Generating Java-Bali Service or PJB Services is a subsidiary of CHD. PJB is a subsidiary of PLN, which was established October 3, 1995. Originally PJB just run the business of generating electricity generation units owned six. Concomitant increase in competence, PJB run various businesses related to the generation, among others:

     Services Operation and Maintenance (O & M) plant
     Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)
     Consulting the generation
     Education and training governance generation
     Education and training of renewable energy
     Another effort in order to make the most of the potential of the company

Additionally, PJB established a subsidiary in the field of Operation and Maintenance (PJB Services), a company in the field of EPC generation, as well as a joint venture to develop new power plants commpany or running a business O & M plant. With no less than 2,400 experienced workers and consistency in conducting continuous improvement, PJB is ready to provide the best service to stakeholders.

PJB Service Jobs for high school graduates and vocational school

PJB Services is headquartered in Sidoarjo Juanda employment opportunities for high school and vocational school graduates. Position in need are as follows:
Jobs PJB Service for SMA and SMK

Applications sent to:
Team Recruitment PT. PJB Service
Juanda Business Center Block A4-8
Jl. Juanda No.. 1 61 253 Sidoarjo, Indonesia

Most Slow August 12, 2013 (Cap Pos). For more detailed announcement,
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