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Lowongan Pandaan – Pabrik Tekstil Kasrie

Established since 1937, as a pioneer in the textile industry in Indonesia, PT. KASRIE (Textile mills) have demonstrated professionalism and contribution agitated against the domestic textile industry, including the Indonesian representative at many exhibitions world-textile sufficient. We make bath towels in 5 types: plain dyed (dyed uni), Stripe (yarn dyed), with application embroidery, Jacquard (both uni dyed and yarn dyed) and Velour, using 100% cotton (weaving) or cotton + 92% polyester 8% (knitted).
Textile mills Kasrie Pandaan a growing Textile Company, opening opportunities for workers who have the passion and high motivation, communicative and dynamic for the position as:

Management Trainee

     Male or female maximum age of 27 years.
     Minimum education S1 graduate mechanical engineering, chemical, electro industry or equivalent.
     Experienced interesting and communicative

If you are interested and fit the above qualifications. Please send your application to the address:
PT. Textile mills Kasrie
JL. A. Yani Pandaan - Pasuruan 67156

If you are interested and would like to see the above information.
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